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Brewery workshops

For the less initiated into the secrets of the world of beer, there are brewing workshops, during which you can learn about the Polish tradition of hop growing and the less known properties of this plant, explore the secrets of brewing beer, and learn the facts and dispel the myths about it. This is an excellent and unusual form of integration and great entertainment for groups who want to explore the hitherto unknown world of the golden beverage.

Workshops are held in the basement of Żelechów Palace, which is full of natural nooks and underground winding corridors. Big tables of solid wood, wooden benches, vaulted walls and arches of red brick and a stone floor add to the uniqueness of the rooms. This place, the atmosphere and the smell of brewing beer is conducive to meetings with the brewer. A meeting with the Palace professional Master Brewer is an opportunity to get to know interesting facts and get answers to many questions.
The meeting consists of:

  • Beer tasting of the three kinds of palace beer
  • Workshop on the history of beer and discussion on the differences in the production process over time
  • History of the beer production process
  • Getting acquainted with the functioning of the equipment of the brewery
  • Discussing the components necessary for the production of beer

The brewery workshop will be led by our Palace brewer, who holds many achievements as a brewer.

The perfect end to the workshop would be a bottle of Palace beer of their choice for each participant that everyone can happily return home with. Therefore we recommend purchasing a bottle as a gift for each participant.

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