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Body massages

Honey relax Cremony
A deeply relaxing whole body ritual with warming and analgesic effects. It puts you in a state of deep relaxation and relaxation. A treatment with the use of warm honey, honey-ginger oil and warming piece of beeswax. During the honeymoon ceremony, we carry out drainage of the whole body, "stretch" tense muscles and help in regeneration. Massage with honey removes toxins, cleanses and moisturizes the skin. The combination of smooth movements, proper technique and aromatherapy guarantees a pleasant experience.
290 PLN 

AROMA personal massage
A relaxing full body massage with a therapeutic effect. Ideal for people living in constant motion and stress. Effectively removes persistent tension and stress from the neck and shoulders. During the massage, we massage specific areas of the body. Special treatment techniques introduce into a state of deep relaxation and have a relaxing effect. For the massage we use a personalized Aroma oil. Together with the therapist, you will choose the right product depending on whether you need quietening or if you want to recharge with energy.
270 PLN

Aromatherapy massage
Rhythmic massage based on safflower oil with a blend of essential oils, which will relax and relax the body and put it into a deep state of calm. Blood circulation finds agitated, and aching joints and muscles regenerate quickly.
250 PLN

Hot massage with a candle “Balance the four senses
Great relaxing massage restores skin radiance, the combination of a pleasant smell with an extremely valuable fitoolejkami, coconut oil and beeswax. Perfectly stimulates the senses and nourishes the skin, leaving it silky smooth and well moisturized.
280 PLN

Relaxing massage based on aromatic and odorless Shea Butter
The ideal choice full body massage for people with dry skin, dehydrated, worn excessively enjoying sunbathing strong anti-inflammatory, regenerating, softening and hydrating and moisturizing Shea butter make the skin will be beautifully smooth, velvety to the touch.
Scents to choose from: chocolate, melon, passion fruit, fresh orange
250 PLN

Relaxing massage with hot Stones
Massage, which uses volcanic basalt stones, in order to relax, mitigate pain and restore the energy balance in the muscles and joints. Hot stones spread out in different parts of the body, provide wonderful warmth that penetrates deep into the tissue. Excellent intense warming massage, especially recommended for people with circulatory problems.
260 PLN

Magnesium Marine Massage
Immediate release from stiffness, muscle pain as well as aching joints thanks to the unique therapeutic and relaxing massage. Massage focused on body regeneration uses highly concentrated, quickly absorbing, pure and natural sea magnesium (obtained from the mineral-rich waters of the French coast), which provides proven soothing benefits. A treatment offering effective pain management and relaxation works quickly, relieves fatigue, muscle spasms and inflammation, while nourishing and remineralizing body for full well-being. An ideal solution in the case of muscle tension or after physical activity.
290 PLN

Classic massage
The most popular form of massage. Depending on its intensity can be relaxing or stimulating, energizing. The purpose of this massage is not limited to: eliminating the negative effects of stress and improve well-being, relaxation of tense muscles, increasing their flexibility and elasticity, improve blood circulation and lymph.
250 PLN

Spine massage
A specialist classic massage that improves muscle structure, increases skin temperature, reduces pain and improves superficial circulation. Spine massage eliminates swelling and reduces muscle tension. Specialized massage techniques break up tense muscles and stimulate. Recommended especially for those who lead a sedentary life.
240 PLN

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