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Face care

Ritual "Energy balance" 
- Original face, head, neck and cleavage massage Relaxing face, head and cleavage massage restores energy balance, calms and relaxes. The ritual developed by us with the elements of facial reflexology leads to calmness and relaxation and restores the proper flow of energy. Massage of the head stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates the hair roots, thanks to which we accelerate their growth. The ritual relaxes tense muscles, removes stress and fatigue. Appropriately selected cosmetics have a moisturizing effect, restoring the skin's elasticity. Thanks to the essential oils used it is easier to relax and achieve peace.
180 PLN

Treatments from the “Ampoule of Youth” collection 
The perfect solution for any type skin. Properly selected ampoule will regenerate, brighten and smooth the skin. It will provide the ingredients necessary to ensure a beautiful and very youthful appearance. The complexion will become visibly brighter, radiant and properly moisturized. The treatment provides the skin with a strengthening effect, leaving it lightened and radiant.
260 PLN

Enhancing Treatments

Firming treatment with elastin
Designed primarily for skin flabby, losing tension. Thanks to its unusual mask woven from fibers of collagen and elastin marine skin will be strengthened and have a natural resilience.
390 PLN

Treatment "Life-giving oxygen"
Excellent for vascular skin, sensitive or hypersensitive. This highly concentrated treatment combines the properties of aloe vera (healing effect), azulene (soothing) and collagen fibers (smoothing) in order to improve the utilization of oxygen by the cells, alleviate redness and bring relief to sensitive skin. Recommended after medical procedures: using laser, dermabrasion, acid peels or other skin irritating treatments.
390 PLN

Exclusive Treatments

Lumafirm® treatment Lifting-Radiance
The unusual procedure that was developed using the latest technology biomimetic liposomes and unique ingredients such. Kombucha, sorghum, sugar or diacetyl boldyny to ensure the skin immediate effects and numerous benefits. The ideal solution for every type of mature skin or for immediate recovery. The skin will be wonderfully radiant, more supple, flexible and a few years younger.
410 PLN

Stem Cells - treatment
The company Pevonia has developed a next-generation technology based on plant-derived stem cells to stimulate the process of reversing the cycle of aging. Collection Pevonia® Stem Cells Phyto-Elite ™ skin care is the power and efficacy of natural ingredients combined with two sources of stem cells, ie. Argan [argan tree] properties recovering and comfrey root of Europe, which visibly regenerate aging skin and They provide unprecedented rejuvenation effects in a very short time. In combination with proven medicinal substances like retinol, collagen, elastin and vitamin C, this procedure sets even higher standards regeneration of the cell by acting on one of the major causes of aging skin and to provide the effects of both dermis and epidermis. This treatment is recommended for mature skin, dehydrated and with the first visible signs of skin aging.
410 PLN

Complementary care

Silencing - relaxing treatment for sensitive skin
Intensive calming and moisturizing for sensitive skin prone to irritation. Selected formula active such as aloe extract and allantoin anti-inflammatory, soothing and regenerating. Horse chestnut extract and witch hazel immediately soothe and reduce erythema, while strengthening the walls of blood vessels. The treatment improves the condition of the skin and gives a radiant look.
270 PLN

Acidic peeling treatments 

F-Peel ferric acid 20%
A proposal for people who want to renew their skin without peeling, The active substances used in the treatment have an anti-aging effect. F-peel treatment helps nourish the skin, oxygenate it, regenerate it and brighten the minimum discoloration.  Folic acid acts strongly antioxidant, protecting cellular DNA and neutralizing free radicals that cause premature aging. After treatment the face will be brightened, gently firmed and pleasant to the touch.
260 PLN

Almond M-Peel acid 40%
M-Peel is an active peeling recommended for any type of skin, especially sensitive skin that is not intolerant of other AHAs. Ideal for skin care exposed to photoaging and irregular skin discoloration and acne lesions.The synergy of the two acids contained in the formula perfectly responds to the needs of acne, seborrhoea, peritonitis or rosacea.
230 PLN

Treatments for men

Special treatment for men
Treatment individually tailored to the type of skin, using a special mask. It effectively cleans and brightens the complexion, giving it a healthy glow. It makes the skin becomes smoother and softer.
320 PLN

Treatments for the eye area

Relaxing treatment for eyes – Eye Perfect
The treatment stimulates proper blood circulation, removes lymphatic congestion that causes bruising. Thanks to the properties of pH balance, detoxification and ultra-moisturizing effect of Bulgarian rose water, it works: anti-wrinkle, improves the lipid barrier. Hydrogel eye flakes, thanks to the vitamin B3 content, deeply nourish and regenerate delicate skin. As a result, the eye area is toned and toned.
190 PLN 

Relaxing treatment for eyes - puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
Treatment with flap Ginkgo Biloba, improve elasticity of capillaries and oxygenate the skin around the eyes. Cool compress applied to the eyelid reduce shadows and swelling, eyelids give freshness and lightness. This treatment is recommended for people who spend a lot of time in front of the monitor. Ideal for eliminating the effect of "jet lag" (jet-lag) for men and women.
170 PLN
Price when treatment for the face - 120 PLN

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