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Face care

Ritual "Energy balance" 
- Original face, head, neck and cleavage massage Relaxing face, head and cleavage massage restores energy balance, calms and relaxes. The ritual developed by us with the elements of facial reflexology leads to calmness and relaxation and restores the proper flow of energy. Massage of the head stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates the hair roots, thanks to which we accelerate their growth. The ritual relaxes tense muscles, removes stress and fatigue. Appropriately selected cosmetics have a moisturizing effect, restoring the skin's elasticity. Thanks to the essential oils used it is easier to relax and achieve peace.
190 PLN

Complementary care

Relaxing treatment for eyes – Eye Perfect
The treatment stimulates proper blood circulation, removes lymphatic congestion that causes bruising. Thanks to the properties of pH balance, detoxification and ultra-moisturizing effect of Bulgarian rose water, it works: anti-wrinkle, improves the lipid barrier. Hydrogel eye flakes, thanks to the vitamin B3 content, deeply nourish and regenerate delicate skin. As a result, the eye area is toned and toned.
190 PLN 

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