Our Beer - Hotel SPA near Warsaw – Żelechów Palace.

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Our Beer

The Brewery in The Żelechów Palace SPA & Wellness Centre is a unique

attraction for its guests.

The quality of the flavours of its beers will satisfy even the greatest beer lovers.

And these are the beers:

Wheat: a top-fermented beer produced using only natural materials: malt, water, aromatic hops and yeast. While drinking this beer, you will appreciate the fullness of its content and flavour. Here, bitterness is interwoven with wheat malt. A mild tingling on the tongue is due to the beer being naturally saturated with carbon dioxide originating from the fermentation process and prolonged aging. It is the increased number of “bubbles” that gives the wheat beer its slightly bitter taste. The amber gold colour of the beer matches the beautiful head of long-lasting white froth. Thanks to a specially selected blend of malts: wheat and barley, we have achieved the taste, smell and colour appropriate to this kind of beer. Extract: 11%, 8%. Alcohol: 4,5%-5%.

Pilsner: This is the most well-known type of beer in the world. Its history is linked to the town of Plzen in the Czech Republic, where on the 5thOctober 1582, The Mieszczański Brewery brewed the world’s first pilsner. Pilsner is a light beer, bottom-fermented with intensely bitter hops. Tasting the beer, you will sense the distinctive hop aroma and bitterness mixed with the taste of barley malt. Mild tongue tingling is caused by the beer being naturally carbonated after several weeks of aging. Carbon dioxide in our beer comes exclusively from the fermentation process, during which the yeast turns sugars into alcohol, producing its own carbon dioxide. The beautiful, bright colour of this beer matches a lovely head of thick, white froth. This head persists for a long time, as it is replenished by the small bubbles constantly coming from below. It is produced using only natural ingredients: malt, water, hops and bottom-fermentation yeast. Extract: 12.5% - 13%. Alcohol: 4,5%-5%.

Dark: A bottom-fermented beer with a delicate aroma of caramel and aromatic hops. While drinking this beer, you will sense the bitterness mixed with a taste of malt and mild caramel. This beer is naturally saturated with carbon dioxide derived exclusively from the fermentation process. The beautiful dark amber beer colour blends with the long-lasting, creamy- brown head. Thanks to the specially selected blend of light and dark malts, a flavour, aroma and colour appropriate to this type of beer is obtained. It is produced using only the best natural raw materials: barley, malt, water, hops and is bottom-fermented. Extract: 12.5%. Alcohol: 4,5%-5%.

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