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THE VIP SPA GABINET in Żelechów Palace is an exclusive suite for exceptional guests as well as an exceptional occasion. An oasis of privacy, discreet, friendly relaxation, and a blissful experience. The SPA Apartment is only for couples.


A unique bathe stimulates all the senses. An ergonomically designed bath with omni-directional water jets, ensures a great hydromassage  and blissful muscle relaxation. The bathing is enriched by the play of lights, wonderfully combined with the massage effects. The aroma of natural essential oils soothes and increases the relaxation. The whole Four Senses program experience is completed with wonderful sound quality. The Infinity Duo Pool can be used by no more than two guests at a time.


The Serail bath – also known as the Bath of Kings, is a 30-minute therapy in a warm cabin in which the body is covered and warmed in a temperature of  38°C  to 42°C, and depending on the course of therapy may be subjected to a very high humidity (about 90%). Various body applications are used, depending on the objective: detoxification, purification, soothing, warming, metabolism stimulation, tension, cleansing pores, skin care leading to revitalisation. Serail bathing therapy is a gift to both body and soul.

Treatment phases:

  • choice of application
  • tips about applying the healing  applications
  • applying the application in the cabin
  • often it is necessary to wash the hands (for this purpose you can use either the small fountain or the Kneipp hose
  • 15 – minute phase of warming the body with heat rays, which are emitted from the bench, floor and walls. The application starts to work and cleanse the body. Sometimes the skin may slightly tingle
  • 15 – minute bathing phase , the applications penetrating the pores which leads to a process of deep cleansing
  • at the same time, you can carry out a Kneipp hose therapy. Please note that Kneipp methods must be carried out from the outermost parts of the body in the direction of the heart
  • after the baths phase, guests can rinse off the applications with the help of the overhead and side shower jets
  • after the rinsing, the guest can have a blissful bath, to remove the rest of the application

After the Bath of Kings, your whole skin will be soft and gentle, with the effect lasting right through the next days.

The Infrared Sauna uses infrared rays. It’s an alternative for those who would prefer not to use a traditional sauna with its high temperature and humidity. The Infrared Sauna impacts the body with rays, and with the energy derived from the infrared rays, directly warms the body. Up to 80% of the energy penetrates deep into the body. On contact with the body, the infrared rays warm the subcutaneous fat layer beneath the skin, as well as the muscles and internal organs. It works very effectively. The Infrared Sauna acts on the body at a temperature of 25ºC to 75ºC. The session may last longer than in a conventional sauna.

Systematic usage of the Infrared Sauna allows the subcutaneous fat layer to diminish, stimulates the metabolism, plus the following effects:

  • cleansing – infrared eliminates salt and subcutaneous fat. Sweating at a lower temperature stimulates the sweat glands earlier and improves the removal of toxins from the skin. In the sauna you may burn up to 600 calories during a half-hour session.
  • pain relief – infrared also increases circulation, causing better oxygenation of the body. Better circulation can decrease inflammation, ease pain, and assist a return to health. It is recommended for the treatment of bursitis, rheumatism, inflammation of the joints, as well as skin weeping; also from skin diseases, such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne scars.
  • relaxing and unwinding – warmth very significantly helps relax both mind and body.

We ask you to make reservations and choose treatments two days in advance.

Offer details and reservations:
Reception Żelechów Palace SPA & Wellness Centre
tel. +25 682 03 60 ext. 301, email. spa@palaczelechow.pl

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