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Advanced technology in Forlle'd Japanese cosmeceuticals

Advanced technology in Forlle'd Japanese cosmeceuticals

Platinum treatment with vitamin C 30% (non-invasive treatment of youth)
A luxurious treatment that protects against photo-aging of the skin, acting strongly as antioxidant. It regulates pigmentation processes, evens out the color and prevents age-related discoloration. The combination of vitamin C and low-molecular platinum has a synergistic and detoxifying effect, has anti-inflammatory properties and eliminates signs of oxidative stress, protecting the skin against all forms of free radicals. It reduces the visibility of fine wrinkles and thickens the skin. A non-invasive way to rejuvenate the skin.
700 PLN 
Firming treatment – Platinium
A luxurious anti-aging treatment that combines the latest technologies honored with the Nobel prize with traditional Japanese care. The ritual is based on products containing unique low-molecular components such as hyaluronic acid and platinum, which during the treatment strongly stimulate the skin to renew acting on the cellular level. It counteracts the causes and effects of photoaging of the skin by acting antioxidant, moisturizing and detoxifying. Reduces pigmentation processes, brightens discolorations and prevents their formationEliminates signs of oxidative stress, restores the skin's radiance, smoothes and reduces wrinkles. Japanese massage used during the treatment supports the penetration of ingredients, lifts and prevents lymphatic stasis. After the treatment, the face is refreshed, full of radiance and visibly rejuvenated.
490 PLN 

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