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Body care rituals

Silk Brushing Ceremony  
The first stage of the treatment is brushing (peeling) the body on dry, which accelerates the self-cleaning of the body by stimulating the circulation of the lymph, blood and unblocking the pores. What does this mean for us in practice? Quick removal of toxins from our body, smooth skin without cellulite, uniform color. The next step is massage - the skin oiled with monoi oil becomes velvety to the touch, smoothed, and most importantly - very intensively moisturized. Moisturizing the epidermis lasts incredibly long and allows us to deal with excessive dryness. This prevents rapid cornification of the epidermis and flaccidity of the skin.
320 PLN 

Ritual "Magic of the Chinese Rose" 
The latest ritual that sends away all worries to oblivion. The smell of hibiscus enchants with a natural, subtle floral aroma. The extract of Chinese rose thanks to the high content of anthocyanins, linoleic acid and vitamins E and C has antiradical activity, softens and strengthens the fragile blood vessels and prevents the formation of so-called. "Spiders". After the treatment the skin becomes cleansed and moisturized. Peeling exfoliates and brightens the skin, the mask deeply moisturizes it, and the massage based on Shea butter nourishes and regenerates.
395 PLN 

Herbal Detox Ritual
An exceptional body treatment based on peeling, mask and relaxing massage cleansing properties. The secret to remarkable effectiveness is synchronized action of selected oils and Polish herbs: calendula flower, chamomile, mint, nettle and rosemary. Additionally enriched with D - panthenol. Ritual deeply cleanses, removes dead epidermis and detoxifies. His healing power supports processes of hydration and regeneration of the body.
395 PLN

Energizing Coffee Ritual
The Coffee Ritual is an eco body treatment with an aromatic coffee scent. It contains a robusta and Arabica scrub, a coffee mask and a relaxing massage accompanied by aromatic fragrances. The secret of its exceptional effectiveness is the refreshing power of coffee and a mild formula containing selected, natural ingredients that support the processes of renewal and firming the body. In addition, this treatment nourishes and provides dry skin with intense hydration.
395 PLN

Ritual “Touch of the Damask Rose”
Ritual "Touch of Damascus Rose" Rose - Queen of flowers and fragrances. Delights with its intense, sensual scent. It is her aroma carries most memories. An entire body cleansing ritual restores vitality and captivates the senses. After the treatment, the skin becomes smoothed and brightened, and its even color is restored evenly. Gentle and nourishing peeling slightly cleanses and softens the skin. Mask deeply moisturizes, and massage based on rose Shea butter nourishes and regenerates the skin.
395 PLN 

Ritual “Exotic Paradise of the passion fruit” 
Passiflora is a beautiful flower. Its intense aroma gently stimulates the senses and envelops the body by adding a lot of positive energy. Thanks to its relaxing scent makes you feel the breeze of exotic paradise. The cleansing ritual for the body is a wonderful sensation enclosed in luxury. In addition to the cleansing properties of the body, it calms the senses. After the treatment, the skin becomes moisturized and smoothed. Peeling cleans and smoothes the skin. The mask deeply moisturizes it, and Passion - inspired Shea Butter massage is deeply nourishing  
395 PLN

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